Proposed Partnership - FAQs

Last updated - 9 October 2017

Genesis and Notting Hill Housing announce their intention to form a partnership


Why are we working towards a partnership?

To enable us to continue to provide homes in London and the south east. As a new organisation together, we will have the financial strength to invest in our social purpose, to build quality, affordable homes in thriving communities, to provide modern and valued services, and to create amazing places.

We believe there are good reasons to form a partnership for the benefit of our customers.

For customers, the partnership will provide opportunities to raise standards, do more and increase value for money. We will prioritise being the best digital provider of housing services by modernising and automating services to offer customers more choice and make it easier for interaction with us.

Why Notting Hill Housing and Genesis?

We believe we’re a good match as we have a lot in common. We were both founded in the 1960s in west London by local people who shared a similar vision – to house west London’s working poor, providing them with a home from which to build themselves and their families a secure future.

Although we’ve both evolved with the times, our core purpose has remained the same throughout: to provide homes for low-income households in London and the south east.

We employ similar numbers of people and own and manage a similar amount of homes.

We are both involved in major regeneration projects, strengthening our commitment to developing mixed communities.

Who are Genesis/Notting Hill Housing?

About Genesis

  • Manages 33,000 homes including supported housing, permanent rented property and temporary housing
  • The largest landlord in the London Boroughs of Brent and Barnet; second largest in Westminster and third largest in Camden
  • Works across 83 local authority areas

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About Notting Hill Housing

  • Manages 32,000 homes, including supported housing, permanent rented property and temporary housing
  • Largest Registered Provider in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea; 3rd largest in Ealing and 4th in Lambeth
  • Manage properties across 37 Local authorities

Further information can be found on the Notting Hill Housing website

When will this happen?

We are aiming to formally complete our partnership by 1 January 2018, with ‘legal close’ – the point at which the partnership is agreed – taking place on 31 December 2017.

The process could stop at any time before the contracts are signed, but our two Executive teams have been working together to try and identify any issues before problems arise.

Between now and signing contracts, we need to do several key things, alongside engaging with you, our customers:

  • Talk to our staff
  • Meet with our shareholders and gain their support for the partnership
  • Talk to our funders, regulators and ratings agencies
  • Appoint the executive team and Board for the new organisation.

What will the new organisation be called?

Once the partnership is complete, the new organisation will be known as Notting Hill Genesis

Who will manage the new organisation?

We have already agreed a chair, chief executive and deputy chief executive designate for the new organisation. They are Dipesh Shah OBE (currently chair of Genesis) Kate Davies (currently chief executive of NHH) and Elizabeth Froude (currently deputy chief executive of Genesis).

What happens after 1 January 2018? What is the timetable?

In the short term you will notice very little difference.

Following the formal partnership, there will be an integration programme, which we expect to take about two years. We will continue to provide an excellent service delivery throughout and make any changes as seamless as possible.

There will need to be discussion and negotiation on what the culture of the new organisation will be, how to deliver services and what standards to adopt.

By the end of the two years we will have a new organisation that will be neither Notting Hill Housing nor Genesis, but a fully integrated organisation, which offers the best of both.

Will this mean that I will be given a new tenancy agreement or lease? Will my rent stay the same?

Your tenancy or lease agreement will stay the same and you will have the same rights as you do now, including issues such as right to buy and succession arrangements.

Your rent and service charges will not change but any increases/decreases in line with inflation will happen as usual.

You should continue to pay your rent and service charges just as you do now – we will let you know if there is anything you need to change once we have formally established the new organisation, early in 2018.

You will not be asked to move home as a result of the partnership.

Will the way I contact you change?

Over time, we’ll be looking at how best to support our customers and there might be some changes as part of the partnership. We will keep you informed and involved every step of the way to ensure that your voice is heard.

There will be no immediate change to the companies who carry out repairs, so you’ll continue to see the same colleagues as you have before, apart from any changes that were already planned. We’ll be looking at the most effective repairs service for the new organisation and will keep you informed.

Our phone numbers and email address will remain the same for now.

What benefits will this bring for customers?

For customers the partnership will provide opportunities to raise standards and improve service delivery.

We aim to be the best digital provider of housing services and by automating services we will offer you more choice and make it easier for you to interact with us.

As a larger organisation we will have more buying power, which means we can increase value for money for you, our customers.

Your voice is important. We will engage with you over the coming months to help identify priorities for Notting Hill Genesis

What impact will this have on staff?

We plan to involve staff across both organisations in helping us to shape how we will deliver services to our customers.

This will be set in line with our commitment that this is a partnership of equals and that we value and want a balance of staff from both organisations at all levels in the new organisation.

We have a lot of work to do to become one organisation and we need our skilled and talented workforce to help shape how we will operate in future and also ensure we continue to deliver excellent services to our customers as we go through this period of change.

We recognise, however, that over time there will be some changes to jobs. Our focus will be to ensure we maintain a high level of service throughout and beyond the partnership.

How will residents be consulted?

We are keen that as many of you as possible can be involved in shaping how Notting Hill Genesis will operate; you know what works and what doesn’t for you as customers so it’ll be important that we make the most of your experience.

I am an involved resident what does this mean for me?

Resident involvement and engagement will be critical to our success, not just during the partnership process, but beyond.

We will work with you to design the resident involvement approach for the new organisation. Learning from each others’ methods of engagement and bringing together the best of both.

How will the new organisation retain a local focus when it is so large?

We fundamentally believe in providing a local service to our customers.

We will ensure that a local focus is not lost and levels of service will remain high. Tragedies such as the Grenfell fire show that organisations providing housing must stay true to their guiding values and be embedded in the areas in which they are active.

What does this mean for the care service I receive?

Your care service will continue as it does now.

The Local Authority has contracted us to provide the service and the partnership will not affect this.

We will be holding some drop-in sessions at Extra Care schemes so that you, your friends or family can put any questions directly to us. Local staff will tell you when the session is taking place at your scheme.