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At Genesis we have a range of policies and procedures that help us with the services we offer you. On this page we have published a selection of our most relevant policies, but more are available on request.

Our services are designed to be inclusive to all our customers regardless of their gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, culture, disability, background or life experience. To help us to meet our diverse customer needs we carry out diversity impact assessments on all policies and procedures.

If you have a query about these or our other policies, please contact us.

Anti-social behaviour Policy

Genesis Housing Association is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) in a responsive and robust manner. We recognise that if allowed to persist, ASB can significantly affect quality of life for our customers and that dissatisfaction with the living environment may have a negative impact on the way we manage our homes. We will work with partner agencies to tackle the causes and effects of ASB, using a consistent and clear approach.

This policy is available to read in full

Comments, complaints and compliments Policy

We welcome feedback on our services, whether positive or negative. Effective handling of complaints increases resident confidence and satisfaction and can provide valuable insights into what we do well and where we need to improve.

Good complaint handling comes from good customer relationship management. Genesis believes that in order to resolve the complaints of our customers we must understand their needs through actively listening to the individual.

This policy is available to read in full

Diversity and inclusion Policy

This policy sets out Genesis Housing Association’s commitment towards Diversity and Inclusion. It applies to all employees of Genesis, whether on permanent or fixed term contracts, working full time or part time hours. It also applies to bank workers, agency workers, volunteers, consultants, contractors and work experience students.

This policy is available to read in full

Leasehold management Policy

This policy outlines how Genesis will manage all leaseholder inquiries, excluding leasehold arrears inquiries which are covered in the Leasehold arrears policy.

This policy is available to read in full

Lettings and allocations Policy

In letting our properties we seek to meet local housing need by working closely with local authorities and statutory partners. We also work in partnership with local agencies to ensure that we can help to address the housing needs of diverse groups, including vulnerable people, and provide support if a need is identified.

This policy describes the different ways in which we let our homes, including through nomination agreements and choice based lettings arrangements.

This policy is available to read in full

Mutual Exchange Policy

This policy sets out our approach to promoting and facilitating mutual exchanges between tenants living in general needs properties.P>

Individual occupancy agreements outline a tenant’s right to mutual exchange. This policy should be read in conjunction with the tenancy policy.

This policy is available to read in full

Pets Policy

This policy sets out Genesis’ approach to dealing with pets. The policy recognises both the positive effect pet ownership can have on the general health and well-being of individuals, but also the nuisance pets can cause if not managed appropriately.

This policy is available to read in full

Protecting our staff Policy

The policy sets out the standards that Genesis adopts in relation to these issues. Although most of these focus on the organisation and its staff, three relate to customers in particular. They are summarised as follows, and are commitments to:

  • making information about the issues dealt with in this policy available to customers as early as possible
  • understanding and responding to why people behave the way they do, so that customers can maintain access to our services wherever possible
  • trying to resolve conflict before it escalates and avoid situations where unacceptable behaviour, harassment and violence occur, or the need for formal measures to deal with them.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff are very important to us. This policy relates to supporting Genesis staff and volunteers who are exposed to unacceptable behaviour, harassment or violence from customers or members of the public within the course of their work. We do not expect our staff to accept or tolerate such behaviour. The aim of the policy is to enable customers to maintain access to services, whilst protecting and supporting Genesis staff.

Read more about this policy

Rent setting Policy

This policy sets out Genesis Housing Association’s approach to rent setting and rent increases and decreases for all properties.

The policy sets out how we will calculate and charge rents for each tenure type provided by Genesis with the exclusion of ground rent for freeholders.

The policy is reviewed annually to reflect any changes to regulation, legislation and organisation requirement.

This policy is available to read in full

Responsive repairs Policy

This policy sets out our approach to the delivery of the responsive repairs service. The service is one of our most important functions as a landlord; we need to do it well to achieve high satisfaction ratings from our customers. The responsive repairs service complements our programmes of planned and cyclical maintenance to ensure our stock is well maintained, up to date and meets the needs of our customers.

This policy is available to read in full

Service charges Policy

Service charges are paid by Genesis Housing Association’s customers to meet the cost of any services provided by us and/or our agents or the agents of superior landlords.

Genesis will recover the cost of providing services to customers by charging a variable (or fixed where appropriate) service charge. At the time of writing this policy document there are some schemes that require us to operate fixed service charges and Genesis will ensure that where required this will continue.

This policy is available to read in full

Tenancy Policy

This policy sets out our commitment to offer and issue tenancies which are compatible with the purpose of the housing, the needs of individual households, the sustainability of the community and the efficient use of our housing stock. It determines which occupancy agreements we will use and the housing circumstances in which we will grant the agreements. This includes our approach to granting tenancies to minors.

The policy also provides details about the grounds for possession which we may rely on, and our approach to using the mandatory grounds.

This policy is available to read in full

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