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Environmental Sustainability

Our world is experiencing profound changes that will affect our business and the communities in which we work. Population growth, increasing pressure on natural resources and climate change may increase the cost of energy and products. This creates new risks for which we need to be better prepared. We believe that by addressing sustainability challenges we can deliver better quality services – our operations should become more efficient, our homes more affordable to heat, and our residents should be able to live healthier, more prosperous lives.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Genesis launched its Environmental Sustainability Strategy in 2016. We are committed to achieving the following:

  • Supporting people to live sustainably and to lower the cost and use of energy in homes
  • Making homes more energy efficient, safer, and affordable to run and maintain
  • Creating high performing services by minimising our use of resources and waste, and by setting high environmental standards for our offices and supply chain.

You can read our Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

If you’re interested in what you can do to save energy, money and reduce your impact on the environment, you can visit our energy advice page.

What we've achieved so far

  • We were awarded Silver in the housing sector’s sustainability index, SHIFT in 2014
  • We have flexible working arrangements and low business vehicle emissions compared to other housing associations
  • A number of our new housing schemes are built to high sustainability standards, like Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.
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