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  • Times Top 50 Places for Women 2011, 2012
  • Business in the Community - Top 10 public sector organisation for gender equality
  • Opportunity Now 2012 finalist for Inclusive Culture
  • Home Office & Opportunity Now 2012 finalist for Transparency Award
  • National Business Award 2012 – Leadership on Diversity

Our policy

Read our policy on equality, diversity and inclusion (PDF)

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Equality and diversity

At Genesis we are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion where diversity is valued and respected.

We believe that our success in delivering excellent services that are accessible to and tailored to our customer need is dependent on our ability to recruit and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers. We want all our people to perform at their absolute best regardless of their gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief, culture, disability, background or life experience.

We believe that:

  • A workforce that is representative of the communities within which we work will help us to create an environment where everyone can be themselves.
  • That because some people are more likely to face barriers when applying for jobs and we are determined to be an organisation that has fair and open recruitment practices. This will help us to find the best people for the job to deliver excellent services
  • To support the business to operate efficiently we need to develop all of our people to ensure that they perform at their best and will develop tailored learning and development where it is needed
  • Offering benefits such as flexible working will support work life balance for all of our people
  • Consultation with our customers and staff will help to identify the deliver the right services efficiently
  • Diversity and inclusiveness needs to be embedded across the organisation into all our systems, processes and culture to truly achieve our ambition to be a leader in the field of diversity
  • We need clear goals and objectives to help us assess our progress but also to be transparent about how we are performing
  • It is important to carry out diversity impact assessments on all policies and functions. If you would like to see a copy please contact us.

To help us to achieve our goals we have a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which is overseen by our Diversity Committee. This comprises of Genesis Board Members and one external independent adviser. Our Executive Team Champion is the Executive Director Governance and Compliance who works with the Head of Diversity and Inclusion to deliver the strategy. We believe that leadership on diversity is one of the key elements of success in this area of work.

To find out more about what we are doing in different areas of diversity and inclusion please go to our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Equality impact assessments

We carry out equality impact assessments (EIAs) on all policies and functions. If you would like to see a copy of an EIA, please contact us.

Business Case for Gender Equality at Genesis

Gender equality has been a priority area for us because like many housing organisations 60% of our workforce is female but this figure has not been reflected at senior management level.  60% of our customers are also female and visible leadership by women as key decision makers is important to our business as they bring with them specific knowledge and understanding that helps us to get our services right first time for all our customers.

What have we done to increase awareness of gender equality and improve opportunities for women?

To ensure that we continue this progress we recognise that it is important for us to grow the talent of our female staff as potential future leaders of the organisation.  To help us to do this we have in place a number of initiatives, this includes:

  • Implementing learning programmes for women to develop the skills and confidence to challenge the barriers that they face in the workplace
  • Having in place workplace practices, such as flexible working to support all our staff to balance work and life
  • A mentoring scheme to help staff develop their careers and improve performance 80% of mentees are women (40% are Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic women)
  • We are working on developing an inclusive culture and in 2012 we were finalists in Opportunity Now’s Inclusive Culture Award for diversity and inclusion training for our leadership teams. 
  • We   have in place a diversity and inclusion module for all staff which is one of our most popular learning experiences on the induction programme.

Staff surveys

In our most recent staff survey:

  • 84% of staff (84% women, 87% men) agree that the organisation is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity in employment
  • 49% of staff (50% women, 50% men) believe there are opportunities for them to develop their career at Genesis (please note we are going through a major transformation at the moment which may affect the outcome of this question, however there is no gender disparity)
  • 63% of staff are happy with the balance between their work life and personal life (67% women, 60% men)

These outcomes demonstrate that Genesis has a strong commitment to equality and inclusion and this is recognised by and impacts upon both men and women in the organisation. The work of the organisation on gender equality has achieved national recognition as a finalist in two high profile awards schemes specifically for transparency on gender equality, developing an inclusive culture and leadership on diversity.

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