Genesis actions since Grenfell Tower tragedy

Since the Grenfell fire in June, the housing sector has been working extremely hard to ensure the safety of our residents and to make sure that the materials used in our buildings and the contractors we use comply with new Government guidelines.

Genesis has played our part, making sure that we have checked all of the higher risk buildings (namely, those of six storeys and above). We have written to all of our residents explaining what we’re doing and why, issuing fire safety advice and worked with experts and advisers to make sure that what we’re doing reassures policy makers and residents alike.

Since the fire, we have done the following, working with our partners, reassuring residents and taking action where needed. This includes:-

  • We’ve produced and shared an updated set of Fire Safety FAQs. This is available online and hard copy can be arranged for all our residents via our neighbourhood teams. 
  • Read more about Fire Safety

  • Kept residents, MPs and councillors informed about our actions.

  • We are continuing to work with the fire service and local authorities to make sure that all of our properties comply with all necessary regulations.

  • We have communicated via our dedicated residents magazine – Spotlight and will continue to do so in the next issue.

  • We’ve written to all of our residents outlining what we’ve done since the Grenfell fire and our commitment to testing cladding as requested by the Government. We’ve also reminded residents of fire safety advice and offered battery operated smoke detectors to residents. We will continue this work.

  • We have and will continue to share our fire safety advice on our social media channels.

  • Our teams have responded at those locations where cladding similar to that at Grenfell was identified - engagement and reassurance has been supported by 24 hour fire wardens and advice on fire safety. Where ACM cladding was in situ, we have removed it or have a plan to deal with it, based on up to date Government advice

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