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Barclays Digital Driving Licence

We have partnered with Barclays to offer you our Digital Driving Licence. Whether it’s for home, work, business, or just life, you can do more and be more confident with digital.

It's got everything you need to learn more, so you can do more with digital – free. Every module is endorsed by City & Guilds. Our topics are specially developed with experts such as Accenture, IBM and Microsoft to bring you the knowledge you need, all in one place – and you can use it online or on the phone.

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Being a Digital Champion is a great way of making a real difference to other people. You don’t have to be an IT whizz, you just need to be reasonably confident using computers, tablets and the internet, have a bit of spare time and the enthusiasm to support others with using digital technology.

Things you can help with:

  • Setting up an email address and using email
  • Searching the internet using google and understanding search results
  • How to set up a Skype account and make video calls
  • Explaining how easy shopping or banking online can be
  • Using comparison web sites to get better deals

In return for being a Connected Digital Champion you will get:

  • Free training and support with self-study courses and teaching resources
  • The chance to meet and work with other Digital Champions
  • The chance to receive awards at certain times of the year and award badges for your CV or Linkedin profile
  • Personal satisfaction that you have helped people to get CONNECTED
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