Moving home


Any resident in general needs housing who has lived in their property for more than 12 months may apply for a transfer, however we may not accept an application if the resident does not present a priority housing need.

Residents who meet the eligibility criteria will be registered on Locata. Locata is a choice based letting scheme set up to give people more choice about where they live and help them to find the homes that they want.  All members (registered on Locata) are placed in priority bands from A to C according to their circumstances.

Genesis Residents in homes larger than they need are automatically awarded Band A to assist with finding a new home.

Further details on eligibility criteria can be provided on request.

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is a swap of homes between two or more tenants.

Under a mutual exchange a resident can exchange their home with another resident of a local authority or housing association.

You can exchange your property with another Council or housing association tenant anywhere in the country; perhaps to be closer to family or friends or nearer work. You are not restricted to the area that you currently live in.

Shared ownership

There are various options for residents to buy a new home through our shared ownership (part-buy, part-rent) schemes. Residents who are interested in shared ownership options can find out more on the Genesis Homes website.

Market rent

Genesis also offers a range of market rent lettings. They are generally new or nearly new units which come with white goods. Applicants can choose from 1,2,3,4, or 5 year tenancies. Residents who are interested  can find out more on the Genesis Homes website.


If you would like to move to another area of London, you can apply for the Mayor's Housing Moves scheme, which prioritises tenants in homes larger than they need.

Seaside & Country Homes

The Seaside & Country Homes scheme allows Council tenants aged 60 and over to give up their Council properties and move to the coast or countryside. It is for single people or couples and one and two-bed flats and bungalows are available.

The accommodation is not sheltered housing but is managed by local housing associations.

For more information on this scheme, please visit

Support from your local authority

If you are looking to move and you have certain circumstances which may have a bearing on your housing priority need we would advise you to contact your local authority to discuss any schemes they participate in which might help you to move

Support with moving

We can visit you at home and talk you through your individual housing options, based on your needs and preferences

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