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Customer led support and care

The support and care we provide is tailored to every individual. We focus on understanding our customers’ aspirations as well as their needs, so that we can help them achieve the goals that are important to them and create positive change in their own lives. Our aim in every case is to enable customers to:

  • Meet their needs and aspirations
  • Develop the skills and resources to achieve their goals
  • Live as independently as possible  

We do this using person-centred conversations, which help customers consider what is ‘important to’ and ‘important for’ them. Our work is supported by the Outcomes Star— an evidence-based tool that helps individuals measure their progress toward greater independence.

... in contemporary and innovative services

As a major provider of housing and one of London’s G15, we are constantly working to lead and develop contemporary and innovative housing solutions for people with specific care and support needs. Some of these include:

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