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Working with ex-offenders: A Social Return on Investment

Support, Treatment, Accommodation and Recovery in Suffolk (STARS), is a unique service which started as a pilot in 2008 and has expanded significantly since. STARS provides targeted intervention for people with complex needs, including significant offending and substance misuse histories.

We work very closely in partnership with the police, treatment providers and local stakeholders to manage risk, while offering continuous ‘wrap-around’ support to each individual to help them break the cycle of reoffending. This means we offer support around housing, health, relationships, emotional support and a wide range of areas that vary from person to person. Key to our success has been our active policy of employee colleagues with lived experience, who now make up 40% of the team.

To measure the impact of the STARS service on the wider community, we commissioned an independent research company, Envoy Partnership, to conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI). An SROI measures the social value created as a result of the STARS interventions. The evaluation showed that for every £1 invested by the local authority, STARS creates around £4.80 of social value.

You can read a summary of the SROI report, or contact us for a copy of the full report.

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