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Leasehold retirement housing

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Genesis provides private leasehold retirement housing for older people. This can help you maintain your independence but with some added security.

As the managing agent, we look after the external maintenance of the property and any common areas. All of our schemes also have access to our emergency call centre and some have a member of staff resident at the scheme.

Leasehold housing

If you would like more information on our leasehold retirement schemes then please contact us on 020 8548 2559 or email info@genesisha.org.uk

Our leasehold housing portfolio consists mainly of leasehold retirement homes and shared ownership properties. Most of our shared ownership properties have been acquired through our Homeowner Service.

A leaseholder is a person who owns their home but not the land on which it stands.

Your lease is a contract between you and Genesis. It gives you the right of possession of your property for a long period provided you keep to the terms of your lease.

Your lease will highlight your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder. These include a right to consultation on any changes to the lease, a right to know information about service charges, your repairs and maintenance rights and many more.

For more information on your rights or responsibilities as a leaseholder, or if you are experiencing any problems in your leasehold accommodation, then please contact your local Housing/Project Manager.

For more general information on leasehold housing go to:

LEASE – The Leasehold Advisory Service
31 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DX
Tel: 020 7374 5380 or local rate on 0845 345 1993
Fax: 020 7374 5373
Email: info@lease-advice.org
Website: www.lease-advice.org

ARHM (Association of Retirement Housing Managers)
89 Albert Embankment, London, SE17 7TP
Phone and fax: 020 7820 1839
Email: enquirers@arhm.org
Website: www.arhm.org

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