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Lettings and allocations

Our lettings and allocations policy outlines our approach to managing the demand for the social housing and our commitment to creating sustainable tenancies. Read our policy to find out about how customers can access accommodation and how our properties are allocated.

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If you are homeless or likely to become homeless you should contact your local council for emergency housing assistance. The council will normally help if you:

  • have children or are pregnant
  • have medical problems or a disability
  • are an elderly person or aged between 16 and 18
  • were made homeless because of an emergency, for example a fire, or because you were fleeing violence
  • have not become homeless intentionally

If you do not fall into any of these categories, the council will be able to give you advice.

If you are in dispute with your landlord and you fear harassment and/or eviction, you should contact any of the following for advice:

  • a law centre
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Housing Advice Centre for advice

Legal advice may be free of charge if you are not working or you are on a low income.

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