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Genesis Community Foundation

The Genesis Community Foundation is the grant giving arm of Genesis Housing Association and it exists to fund initiatives that help to sustain, empower and create great places for our residents.

The Foundation is looking to fund projects which will benefit our residents in one or more of the following areas:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Enterprise, Employment and Training
  • Volunteering
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Social Research

Projects which do not show a clear link to any of the five themes are not suitable for funding. All projects submitted for funding must benefit Genesis residents but can also be open to other members of the community.

Applying to Genesis Community Foundation in 2016/7

In the current financial year, there will be one funding round to award small grants of up to £5,000

All applications will be assessed using the following selection criteria:

  • Match with GCF priorities
  • Relevance of target audience
  • Clear evidence of need
  • Quality of intervention proposed
  • Effectiveness of the solution
  • How achievable and timely is it?
  • Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring and Evaluation method
  • How sustainable would it be?
  • Value for money

Each application will be assessed against each criterion and marked out of 5. To be considered for funding, an application must have a total of score of 40 or above.

Please be as succinct as possible while still explaining the intended outcomes and impacts of your project. Please tell us if this service or product is available from another sources, and if so what is different or better about your proposed project.

All applications must be typed completed and forms emailed to

For more information about the application process please refer to the guidance document.

Funding Rounds

The Funding rounds for 2015/6 are in the table below:

   Round 4 2016/17
 Deadline for submissions  23:59 on Monday 23rd January 2017
 Notification of decision  By Friday 3rd March 2017
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