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New community grants up for grabs through the Genesis Wellbeing Foundation

Grants of up to £50,000 are on offer for community projects in the latest funding round run by Genesis Housing Association's grant-giving arm.

Organisations running projects in their communities can apply to the Genesis Wellbeing Foundation for a small grant of up to £5,000 or a larger one of up to £50,000.  The Foundation will also provide advice and access to networks to help applicants deliver on their project goals. 

The Foundation funds initiatives that help to sustain, empower and create great places for Genesis residents.  Successful bidders will need to evidence the project’s benefit to Genesis residents but can also cater for the wider community.

The Foundation will consider applications for projects that benefit residents in one or more of the themes of financial inclusion, enterprise, employment and training, digital engagement, health and wellbeing, social research and volunteering.

Genesis’ grant-giving arm has given large and small grants to a diverse range of projects in recent years including craft sessions for older people, a film foundation, holistic therapy workshops and a community choir.

The deadlines for applications are 1 October 2017 for small grants and 5 January 2018.  Applicants will find out if they have been successful by 1 December 2017 for small grants and 31 March 2018.

People interested in applying can request an application pack by emailing gwf@genesisha.org.uk, or visit http://www.genesisha.org.uk/get_ahead/genesis_wellbeing_fund.aspx.  

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