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Free books for kids (aged 0-10)!

Genesis Housing Association has teamed up with Dolly Parton’s charity Imagination Library and the Give A Book charity to bring you The Books from Birth programme which encourages reading from a young age.

If you are a Genesis resident, you can sign up to receive a free book every month if your child is under 6 years old, or three times a year if your child is aged between 6 and 10 years.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must -

  1. Be a resident of Genesis and living in a Genesis Property
  2. Have children between the ages of 0-10
  3. Submit an official registration form, filled out by parent or guardian (form must be approved and on file with Genesis Housing Association).
  4. Notify the Genesis Housing Association anytime your address changes. Books are delivered by post to the address listed on the official registration form. If the child’s address changes, you must contact us.

When Will I Receive Books?

Eight to ten weeks after your registration form has been received, books will begin arriving at your home and will continue until your child turns 10 or you move out of your genesis property.

  • Children under 6 will receive one book every month
  • Children aged between 6-10, will receive one book every 4 months.

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Apply now!

Please complete the form below to receive your free books:

The information we require from you will only be used to establish the age appropriate books we send to you for your child. This information will not be passed onto any other third parties apart from either Imagination library or Give a Book who are the organisations distributing the books.
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