Barclays Digital Wings

Last updated - 10 October 2017

Whatever your digital ability, take it to the next level with Barclays Digital Wings.
Barclays Digital Wings is an online learning tool designed to help you become more tech savvy and keep up-to-date on recent digital trends. It’s accessible from anywhere, by anyone, from any device. And it's all free!

You’ll cover a whole range of interesting and exciting topics, from internet basics and different software to advanced analytics and coding. Work your way through the modules, testing your knowledge and earning points as you go, to achieve your very own Barclays Digital Wings Open Badges.

The topics are specially developed with experts such as Accenture, IBM and Microsoft to bring you the knowledge you need, all in one place – whether it’s understanding Skype or the newest trends in digital development, online security or how coding works.

Every module is endorsed by City & Guilds and you can share your open badges on your social media sites.