Last updated - 1 November 2017

This section includes information about the allocations and letting of social housing managed and owned by Genesis Housing Association.
If you are homeless or likely to become homeless, you should contact your local authority for emergency housing assistance.

Most of our properties are let to applicants nominated to us by the local authority or an agency. A small number of properties are let to existing Genesis tenants who require a transfer because their home is no longer suitable.

All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set out in our allocations and lettings policy.

We want to create sustainable tenancies and communities and avoid establishing tenancies that will fail. We will refuse to let a property to an applicant who is unable to afford the property or who has a level of support needs that we cannot facilitate.

Read our allocations and lettings policy for full details.


Housing in London and the South East is in short supply. Our transfer rules ensure we are supporting those most in need of social housing.

If you require a move because of domestic violence, harassment or severe financial hardship, you can apply for a transfer. We will assess your case on its merit and must be satisfied that moving to a new home will resolve the problem.

If you want to move to a smaller property, we can support you with this.

Property size

We allow one bedroom for each person (single person) or couple living as a household and an extra bedroom for:

  • any other person aged 16 years or over
  • two children of the same gender under the age of 16
  • two children who are under the age of ten regardless of gender
  • a child or adult who requires overnight care from a non-resident carer
  • a child or adult who is unable to share a bedroom because of disability
  • a foster child where the resident is an approved foster carer, whether they have a child placed with them or not (as long as they have been approved or had a placement in the last 12 months).

Letting standard

To be fit for letting a property must:

  • be structurally stable and free from serious disrepair
  • be free from dampness prejudicial to the health of occupants
  • have adequate provision for lighting and ventilation and have a minimum of one heating appliance
  • have an adequate piped supply of water
  • have satisfactory facilities for the preparation and cooking of food, including a sink and supply of hot and cold water
  • have a suitably located WC for the exclusive use of the occupants
  • have a suitably located fixed bath or shower and basin, each of which is provided with hot and cold water, for the exclusive use of the occupants
  • have an effective system for the drainage of foul waste and surface water.


Sometimes we may ask a resident to move. This could be because:

  • We intend to sell the property
  • The area is undergoing redevelopment and regeneration
  • Major works are required
  • Emergency reasons

This type of move is known as a “decant”. Some customers who have been decanted will be entitled to payments to cover the costs of moving home.

Read our Decant policy for full details.

Housing serious offenders

We consider the risk of housing or supporting a serious offender before offering accommodation. The serious offences list covers a variety of crimes and not all serious offenders are a threat to other people.

Read our housing serious offenders policy for full details.