Anti-social Behaviour policy

Last updated - 6 November 2017

Whatever form anti-social behaviour takes, you need to tell us when it happens. Please report anti-social behaviour by calling us on 033 3000 3000.
Read our ASB policy for full details on how we manage complaints of ASB.

What is ASB?

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of selfish and unacceptable activities that have a negative effect on the quality of life for a community and individuals within the community. Examples of ASB are:

  • Noise nuisance
  • Vandalism
  • Drug dealing
  • Other criminal behaviour

We have separate procedures for responding to reports of domestic abuse and hate crime.

Domestic noise

Domestic noise and neighbourhood disputes are often reported as ASB. These include noise caused by children, television noise, cooking smells, etc.

If you are having problems with domestic noise or a neighbourhood dispute, a polite discussion with your neighbour can often resolve the matter. If you don’t feel confident doing this, we can give hints and tips on how to start the conversation or we can make a referral to our support team.

Read our Domestic Noise and Neighbourhood Disputes policy for full details.

Responding to ASB

We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in a responsive and robust manner. We take a three-stage approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Legal action


We use a number of preventative measures to stop ASB from happening in the first place, including carrying out estate inspections and being clear about our approach to ASB with customers when they first move in.


If you have reported ASB, our first step is to create an action plan with you. The plan includes actions for both you and us. We will ask you to keep a record of incidents and ask you to contact the Police in an emergency. Once we have investigated your complaint, there are a number of options that we consider to resolve the issue. Some of them are:

  • Warning letters
  • Good Neighbourhood Agreements
  • Mediation

What intervention we use will depend on the type of ASB reported. Sometimes we may not be able to solve the problem alone. We work with various partners to tackle ASB, including the Police.

Legal Action

If the anti-social behaviour continues and there are no other options for resolving it, we will take legal action.

We will support you and witnesses throughout the process and work with our partners to get a successful result.

Staff support

We do not tolerate abuse against staff or contractors, whether physical or verbal. We take appropriate action against customers and members of the public who are abusive.

We promote a positive and safe culture for our staff to work in.

Read our Prevention of Unacceptable Behaviour, Harassment and Violence towards Staff policy for full details.

Domestic abuse

You can report domestic abuse to us directly on 033 3000 3000. You can also contact the National Centre for Domestic Violence on 0844 804 4999.

We treat all reports of domestic abuse serious and sympathetically. If we have a concerns for someone’s safety, we will contact other agencies such as the police or social services.  

Specialist agencies can provide support, counselling and advice to victims of domestic abuse. A list of local services for both male and female domestic abuse victims is available on the Women’s Aid website.

What can Genesis do?

The type of action that we take will depend on the circumstances. Some of the options are:

  • Moving to another home
  • Improving security
  • Taking action against the perpetrator

We always offer support and advice to the customer reporting domestic abuse.

Responding to a report of hate crime

We understand that the first report may be made after a number of weeks or months of persistent harassment.

What will Genesis do?

We respond to all reports sensitively and provide information on support services. Some of the actions we may be able to take are:

  • Re-housing
  • Improving home security
  • Taking action against the perpetrator.

We work closely with the Police to collect evidence and prosecute perpetrators of hate crime.

Read our Hate Crime policy for full details.