Income collection

Last updated - 1 November 2017

Customers are responsible for paying their rent and any service charges. You must inform us if you are having problems paying your rent.

Rent policy

To help avoid problems with paying rent we complete an affordability assessment with all new customers to ensure that the property is affordable.

If you fall into arrears, we work with you to make an arrangement to clear your account. We don’t offer financial advice or debt counselling, but our Welfare Benefit Advisors and Financial Inclusion Officers will offer assistance where appropriate.

We only start possession proceedings when all other steps have been taken and all reasonable options to tackle the debt have been attempted.

Read our Rent Policy for full details.


We aim to maximise income collection and minimise debt for leasehold customers. We are sympathetic to the financial problems some leasehold customers may face. At the same time, we observe our obligations under our lease agreements.

Leaseholders must pay their rent, ground rent and service charges, as set out in their lease. We encourage early payment to prevent leaseholders from falling into arrears. If you are having difficulties maintaining payments, you should contact us.

Read our Income Collection – Leasehold Policy for full details.

Former tenants

All rent accounts must be clear at the end of the tenancy. If there are arrears on your account and you are unable to pay the full amount, we will negotiate an agreement with you to repay the debt.

If you are moving to another Genesis property or renewing your tenancy, an agreement to pay off any arrears will be part of your new tenancy agreement.

Read our Income Collection – Former Tenants Arrears Policy for more information.

Heat and other utilities

Some customers live in a property where utilities are supplied by Genesis. These customers will have a utility supply agreement with us.

We proactively work with these customers to ensure that arrears don’t build up. We will only take enforcement action when all reasonable steps have been taken to tackle the debt. If you are having difficulty paying our energy bill, please get in touch.