Adaptations to your home

Last updated - 6 November 2017

We're committed to assisting our customers to live independently in their home

We have an annual budget to adapt the homes of those in need, and who lived in any of our rented accommodation homes.

We make decisions on adaptations applications in line with our Adaptations policy, which classifies an adaptation as either minor or major:

Minor adaptation: Defined as work that we can carry out safely without the need to refer to an occupational therapist (OT). Minor adaptations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Grab rails, hand rails and stair hand rails.
  • Flashing door bells and smoke alarm alerts (for hearing and visually impaired customers).
  • Window opening equipment.
  • Provision of suitable taps, door handles, sockets.
  • Internal door threshold ramps.
  • Door entry systems.

Major adaptation: A major adaptation is work of a structural nature that is a fixed alteration to a property. The purpose of the adaptation is to make that property more suitable and accessible to the customer. They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Level or ramped access to bedroom or bathroom.
  • Fixed ramps and other external facilities.
  • Widening of doors and windows.
  • Lifts and hoists.
  • Stair lifts.
  • Specially equipped kitchen, bathrooms or showers.

If you are a customer in rented accommodation, and you think you are in need of an adaptation to your home, please contact our adaptations officer or make an initial enquiry with a member of staff.

If you are a leaseholder, we can assist you in applying to the local authority for funding for your adaptation.

Adaptations officer contact details


Telephone: 020-7563- 0147