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Buying a home

Genesis are able to assist our tenants into homeownership in a number of ways. If you are interested in buying the property you are currently living in we can assist in the following ways; depending upon when you occupied your property, the type of tenancy you have and in some circumstance how you obtained the property can effect this. This options open to tenants wanting to buy the home they live in are:

Social Homebuy

This is a grant funded scheme which allows some tenants to buy their current home with the assistance of a discount of up to £16,000.

This is a voluntary scheme – you do not have the right to buy your home using this scheme. We have limited funds available for this scheme and will offer the funding on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying tenants for as long as we have discount money available.

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Right to Acquire (RTA)

The Right to Acquire is a statutory scheme giving eligible tenants of registered social landlords the legal right to buy the home they currently rent with the assistance of a discount of up to £16,000.

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Right to Buy Council Home (RTB Council)

This is a statutory scheme specific to Local Authority properties and only available to those tenants living in a Local Authority property on a secured tenancy or those whose property was transferred to Genesis from the Local Authority as a result of a stock transfer.

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Right to Buy Housing Association Home (RTB HA)

Although the Government has announced plans to extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants, they are yet to provide any guidance on how and when this scheme will be implemented. Until this becomes clearer, Housing Associations are not in a position to accept applications from tenants seeking to purchase their property.

If you wish to move out of your existing home and move to another home there are other affordable options Genesis offer which would be available to you:

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership makes it possible to buy a property that otherwise would not have been affordable.

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Help to buy

Help to Buy is a government backed scheme which aims to help first time buyers onto the property market. Genesis have a number of schemes in which we have private sales units. We have secured some funding for buyers to be able to buy a home with the Government back Help to Buy Equity loan scheme.

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