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My rent and service charge

Before you moved into your home, you will have signed a tenancy agreement. This sets out rights and responsibilities for both you and us. It is a legal document and you should keep it in a safe place.

If you signed your tenancy agreement after 1989, you will have an assured tenancy.

If you signed your tenancy agreement before, you will have a secure tenancy.

We aim to treat people with secure tenancies and assured tenancies in the same way.

Genesis aims to charge affordable rents, which goes towards:

  • repairing and improving homes
  • managing homes
  • helping pay back loans used to modernise old homes and build new ones

Your rent is due every Monday. We send you a rent account statement every three months.

Service charges are not the same as rent. They cover the cost of cleaning communal areas and maintaining things such as lights, entry phones and lifts. Your tenancy agreement tells you if you have to pay a service charge.

If you don't pay your rent you could be evicted. If you are having difficulty paying your rent please get in touch with us straight away.

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