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Cookie policy.

In compliance with the EU Privacy and Communications Directive 2011, we have outlined which cookies we run on our website and how we use your data. By visiting our website it is implied that you consent to cookies being used to track certain information.

Which cookies do we use?

  • We use session cookies to remember your previous selections, preferences, information viewed and links clicked on our site. These are not held or stored after your browsing session ends.
  • We run cookies to support a number of our online services, such as logging repairs, applying for jobs, feedback, tenancy services and processing rent or service payments. This allows us to recognise items stored in you cart or queries logged, and to complete transactions or customer enquiries effectively. A number of these services are linked to third party suppliers, who provide application and transaction software embedded into our website.
  • We use a Google Analytics tracking cookie to analyse our website and use of own online services, so that we can improve upon this and ensure that customers can access the right information in the right place. Find out more about Google Analytics cookies here.

What information do we collect?

  • When reporting a repair using our Interfinder system we will ask you for your name, address, telephone number, email address, details about your property and repair, as well as details about your availability. This will only be shared amongst our repair and customer services teams in order to get your problems resolved quickly and effectively.
  • When providing feedback, reporting an issue or completing a contact form, we will ask for your name, address, telephone number, email address and, where necessary, details about your property.
  • Our tenancy login service ‘SeeMyData’ will ask for an account number and pin in order to allow you to access specific information relating to your tenancy. This site is secure and details of your login will not be shared outside of Genesis and the SeeMyData supplier.
  • Our online recruitment services, powered by Lumesse, allow you to set a username and password to manage your applications. You will be asked to submit personal contact details and relevant information relating to your application.
  • Payments for rent and service charges are processed by allpay.net. To find out more about how they use cookies, click here.

How do we use and protect that information?

  • In order to maintain the safety and protection of your personal information we use a secure server, hosted at Genesis’s head office. Your personal transaction details are not stored on our servers.
  • We also ensure that session cookies stop running once you exit our website.
  • We conduct data collation and analysis in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Privacy & Communications Act (2003).
  • We do not sell, trade or transfer personally identifiable collated to outside parties. This excludes the third parties who assist us in operating our site by providing the embedded site services outlined above.
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