Grahame Park - Colindale 

Last updated - 7 November 2017

Transforming Barnet
Grahame Park is a radical and unique regeneration project to transform the estate in Barnet. The scheme is one of the largest self-funded projects in Europe and will see the construction of around 3,000 new homes, as well as shops, gardens, community and health facilities, new parks, and a civic hub.
Grahame Park day

There will also be investment in social regeneration with a range of community development initiatives derived from the Grahame Park social and economic regeneration strategy.

As well as providing new homes for existing Grahame Park residents, there are homes being built for private sale.

Stage B of the project seeks to provide over 1,000 new homes – social rent, intermediate rent, shared ownership and private sale as well as a new community hub which will provide a café, a community hall, workshop rooms, daycare nursery, GP health centre, community health facilities and ancillary office accommodation.

New streets and open spaces, including a new road, will provide improved bus connections and tree-lined roads, as well as a cycle and pedestrian route known as the ‘Woodland Walk’.

The intention of these three phases of regeneration is to continue the work to create new Grahame Park neighbourhoods which are not isolated ‘estates’ but high quality living environments integrated into the wider Colindale area.

Grahame Park at night

Key masterplan principles:

Connecting open spaces

Heybourne Park will be connected, through the introduction of new streets, to the ‘Woodland Walk’, a green area running north-south in the east of the proposed redevelopment area. 

Legible streets

The proposed reinstatement of a more traditional street layout will increase accessibility and permeability.

A ‘pattern book’ of buildings

The new homes will be provided in four building typologies (known as villas, mansion blocks, terraces and mews) to create identity.