Diversity and inclusion 

Last updated - 2 February 2018

Diversity and inclusion is important to Genesis
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Our approach

At Genesis we value our people and respect their differences.  We strive to have an inclusive culture where individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole are strengthened by this diversity.  When people from different backgrounds, experiences and with different points of view work together;  the results are much better: better experiences of work for staff and better services for our customers.


Equality in the workplace does not mean treating everyone the same; it is about recognising that everyone has different needs that should be taken into consideration to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their talents at Genesis and to develop their careers accordingly.


Everyone is different, and we value and respect the individual differences of our people. These differences include visible differences such as age, gender identity, race, ethnicity and visible disabilities and health conditions. And it also includes non-visible differences such as sexual orientation, faith or belief, and unseen disabilities and health conditions.


People perform better when they are able to be themselves and bring their whole selves to work. We consider inclusion to be about fostering a culture where people can thrive, individual differences are celebrated and promoted, and individuals feel valued and respected.

Diversity and Inclusion People Strategy

Diversity and Inclusion People Strategy

We have developed our Diversity and Inclusion People Strategy and over the next three years we have five main aims:

1. A more inclusive approach to recruiting talent

We will achieve this by using the best routes to market and working to eliminate unconscious bias from our selection and assessment methods.

2. The retention of our people

We will achieve this by ensuing our approach to inclusion and values are reflected in our policies and procedures, and developing a 'call it out' culture where non-inclusive behaviours are challenged.

3. The progression of our people

We will measure and publish our Gender Pay Gap information every year, and measure and publish pay gap information for race and age.  We will measure progression for different groups of people and work to address any barriers.

4. Getting our data right

We will develop a consistent approach to recording information about our staff and customers to make sure the profile of our staff matches our customers.

5. Employee Networks

We will develop our colleague networks to provide 'value-added' diversity work.

Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

We have an active D&I Steering Group that brings together the network chairs and directors from across the business.  The Steering Group monitors the progress against the strategy and helps to drive forward any Equality, Diversity and Inclusion projects and activities. It also promotes joint working between different networks.

Network Groups

We have a number of networks at Genesis who raise awareness and support our diverse workforce.  In Genesis we have six networks:

Ability Force - open to people with a long term health condition or disability and raises awareness of what it is like to live with different conditions or disabilities. 

Cultural Energie - network open to anyone who identifies as Black, Asian or from another ethnic minority, or those who have an interest in these matters.  They have a focus on raising awareness of different cultures.

EngAge Network - support the business to develop multi-generational teams and projects to promote inter-generational learning

Faith and Belief - open to anyone of faith, and all major religions are represented on the steering group.  They raise awareness of different religions.

G-Force - network open to anyone who identifies as, or is interested in, matters relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans issues.

Women's Network - open to women and men within the business, and they focus on supporting women to progress their careers at Genesis.


We take account of expert advice and best practice through our active membership and partnerships:

Business Disability Forum: Disability 

Business in the Community: Race, Gender and Wellbeing Member

London Diversity Group: Diversity and Inclusion

Disability Confident Scheme logo

Disability Confident Scheme

We are committed to:

  • Employing and retaining disabled people and those with long term health conditions
  • Increasing our understanding of the breadth of health conditions and disabilities, the value they add to the business, and the benefits of employing and/or retaining these people
  • Ensuring people with disabilities of health conditions have opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations
  • We have made a commitment in our Diversity and Inclusion People strategy to ensure that we recruit and retain the best people, which includes removing the barriers faced by people with a health condition or disability to make sure we don’t miss out on talent