Announcement on shareholder vote on merger between Genesis Housing Association and Notting Hill Housing

Last updated - 8 February 2018

Commenting on the outcome of the Genesis Housing Association Special General Meeting, held to consider the resolution on the proposed merger with Notting Hill Housing, a Genesis spokesperson comments:

We are naturally pleased that shareholders have voted in favour of the merger proceeding.

“We believe that the merged organisation will be able to raise customer service standards even higher, contribute better to tackling the housing crisis by delivering more affordable homes and have more influence with local, regional and national Government.

“We would like to thank those shareholders who have engaged and participated in this process so far, including those who have so far voted no or argued against the merger. This is a democratic process involving GHA shareholders. Each voice is valued equally.

“We now progress to the next stage which is a confirmatory vote two weeks from today.

“Meanwhile, we continue our positive dialogue with relevant financial and other stakeholders.”

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