Genesis publishes gender pay gap data

Last updated - 6 April 2018

Genesis is today announcing its gender pay gap data, in line with new government requirements for all companies with 250 employees or more to publish these figures by April 2018.

A gender pay gap is the difference in the average pay of men and women in an organisation.  It is not the same as equal pay, which means men and women being paid the same for the same work.

 As of April 2017, Genesis’ gender pay gap figure was 19.81 per cent.  The structure and demographic of our workforce goes some way towards explaining this gap.  For example:

  • Our workforce consists of significantly more women than men: 64 per cent to 36 per cent.
  • Over half of our staff work within care and support, and this department also has a high concentration of female staff.  Many care and support roles tend to be lower paid, because of external market factors affecting what we can pay.


an infographic showing our gender pay gap data

If the care and support department is excluded from the data, our pay gap is 6.09 per cent.  And we have a 50:50 representation of men and women in the highest paid quarter of our workforce.

We are committed both to equal pay and to closing the gender pay gap at Genesis, and have an action plan setting out how we will achieve this.  To find out more, and to view the data in full, please visit this page on our website

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