Using My Genesis

Last updated - 8 May 2018

Logging into the app
To log into the app, you tap on the app on your device and enter your 4 digit passcode that you selected at registration. This passcode is needed each time you move to another screen. This is a security feature.

This means that you don't need to log out; you should just close the app as you would normally close apps on your phone or tablet. For iOS users this means double tapping the home button and swiping upwards on the app. For Android it means tapping the square or series of square icons and swiping right.

If you forget your PIN you will need to re-register. You should tap “Reset” on the log in page, provide your details again and choose a new PIN.
App function

Read on for a quick tour of the My Genesis app and how it can make it easier to manage your relationship with us.

My Home

My Home

This section tells you about your property and your tenancy.  You can find out when you moved in, what type of contract you have and your neighbourhood manager's name.

You can also contact us through this section about anything related to your tenancy or your home.

My Details

My Details

Calling the contact centre to update your number or give us a new email address can be frustrating. Now you can update your contact details without talking to anyone.

Just click "edit" in the top right corner and complete the changes on the form. Press submit and your new details will be passed to our system.

Don't worry if it doesn't show up straight away after you've made changes. Our system does some checking to make sure it's valid before it passes it back to the app.  To help pass those checks here are some tips:

  • Make sure your email address has an @ sign and the right ending (, .com etc)
  • Don't add any explanations like (work phone) in brackets
  • Make sure you put in the country code if the phone number is registered outside the UK
My Accounts - payments and statements

My Accounts

Making payments to your rent and service charge account has never been easier. You can check your balance, see your service charges and make credit and debit card payments directly in the app.

Statements in the app go back six months, and you can tap on individual credits and debits to get more information. If you need a longer statement, just drop us a line using the contact us form in the "My home" section.

The App is very helpful. It saves time calling the contact centre and it's good for keeping track of where you are with the rent.
Darran, East Finchley

We've made it as simple as possible to make a payment using the app. 

How to make a payment in five simple steps

  1. Tap "make a payment"
  2. Tap the credit and debit card symbol
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay.
  4. Enter your card details or choose a saved card (you still have to enter the three digit code on the back)
  5. Tap "Make payment"

If your payment has been accepted you'll see a reference number; note that down for your records.

If your payment has been declined, check the details you've provided and talk to your bank to make sure it's not an issue with the balance on your account. Your card number needs to be 16 digits and we don't accept American Express or Diner's club at the moment.

If the details are right and there is enough money in your account but it's still being declined please let us know. 

My Repairs

My Repairs

Here's where you can tell us about problems in your home or block that need fixing.  We've put together a form that will walk you through the information we need to know to send the right person first time, every time.