Moving out of my temporary housing home

Last updated - 11 June 2018

If you want to move out of your home, you will need to give us four weeks’ notice.

If you are moving into a permanent accommodation or a different housing association’s property they may want you to move in before your current tenancy with us is at an end. If this is the case, contact us as we may be able to agree a shorter notice period or help you claim benefit to pay the rent on both homes for a short time.

If our lease is coming to an end, we will either renew it (if given the option by the owner) or we will hand the property back to the private landlord.

On the day you are to leave, you must give us back all sets of keys to the property by 10am on the Monday after you move out. If you don’t hand your keys back by this time, we will charge you a week’s rent for every week until you do hand them back.

Condition of your accommodation

You need to leave the property clean and clear of all belongings. We will charge you if we have to remove anything from the property after you leave.

We will check the furniture against the inventory and you will have to pay for any missing items or damage.

Rent arrears

If you owe any rent, you will need to pay this before you move out. If you cannot pay this in one sum, we can make arrangements for you to pay in instalments. If you do not clear your rent account we will refer you to a debt collection agency or take legal action against you.

Letting others know

You should tell your local council along with the water, electricity, phone and gas companies that you are leaving. Take a note of any meter readings as you will need to provide these when you move out.

If you receive Housing Benefit you must tell the Housing Benefit office and the Benefits Agency the date you are due to leave and your new address.