Temporary housing repairs and maintenance

Last updated - 11 June 2018

We aim to maintain our homes in a good state and deal with repairs as efficiently as possible. We are responsible for many of the repairs to our properties and communal areas. However, some repairs will be your responsibility – these are outlined in the ‘Repairs that are your responsibility' below. Please make sure the repair is not your responsibility before you report a repair to us.

Repairs that are your responsibility

  • Replacing locks if you lose keys 
  • Fitting extra safety devices to doors and windows
  • Fitting draught excluders
  • Repairing minor cracks in plasterwork
  • Repairing minor gaps between skirting boards and floors
  • Replacing plugs and chains on sinks, baths and basins
  • Repairing toilet seats, bathroom cabinets, towel rails, toilet-roll holders and mirrors
  • Repairing plugs and light fittings
  • Changing light bulbs, tubes and fuses
  • Maintaining any appliances and fittings we have not provided
  • Bleeding radiators (to get rid of air bubbles that prevent the radiator from working properly)
  • Replacing glass in inside windows (unless they are our responsibility under fire regulations)
  • Replacing curtain rails
  • Replacing washing lines and rotary dryers
  • Repairing shelving
  • Providing and replacing dustbins
  • Replacing batteries in your doorbell
  • Clearing rubbish
  • Cleaning the front of your property
  • Replacing catches on kitchen units
  • Keeping shared areas clean
  • Cleaning household appliances such as fridges and cookers
  • Defrosting freezers
  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms
  • Wiping down condensation and mould

When reporting a repair please include as much detail as possible (also attach photos if you can) so we are able to get in touch with the appropriate contractor to carry out the repair.

Report a repair here

How long will repairs take?

We will deal with your repairs as quickly as possible. In some cases we will ask the property owner to carry out the repair. We will give them a reasonable amount of time to finish the work and we will send you a letter telling you the date the repair should be completed by. 

If the owner does not carry out the repair by the date given or asks us to do the work we will arrange a contractor to do the work.

Will I be charged for the repair?

We will charge you in the following situations:

  • Where the repair is because of something you, someone in your home or any visitor has or has not done. For example blocking a toilet by putting the wrong things down it or damage caused by overflowing baths, sinks or washing machines.
  • Where we carry out work that is your responsibility (see “Repairs that are your responsibility” list above)
  • Where you have called the out of hours service for a repair that was not urgent.
  • In case of criminal damage, you will need to supply a police crime number before work is done, otherwise you will be charged.
When will my repair be done?

We deal with repairs according to their urgency, so they are divided into these categories.

Emergency repairs within 24 hours
We will make the problem safe within 24 hours and carry out a repair in full at a later date.

Urgent repairs within 5 working days
Examples include:

  • Major plumbing leaks
  • Repairs following an incident of harassment – such as someone deliberately breaking a window
  • Replacing glass
  • Blocked gutters and drains that may cause flooding
  • Blocked toilet if there is not more than one in the property
  • Repairing lifts, entry phones and intercoms
  • Repairing hot-water systems
  • Repairing cookers and fridges

Routine repairs within 20 working days
Examples include:

  • Minor plumbing leaks and minor electrical faults
  • Repairing roofs
  • Making your property secure and repairing window catches
  • Repairing carpentry
  • Tiling
  • Repairing furniture and floor coverings
  • Repairing the outside of your property
  • Repairing and redecorating following a leak
  • Repairs covered by insurance

Replacing broken glass is also your responsibility unless it happened because of a break-in or vandalism. If the breakage is a security problem, we will make sure that the window is made secure, but we will charge you unless you provide a police crime log number.

Can I have my temporary house adapted for my health condition?

We will carry out minor work to properties to help tenants who suffer from a health condition or have a disability. In general we will not carry out major works as this will break our lease with the property owner.

What happens if I need to cancel my repairs appointment?

Keeping appointments is important, so please make a note of your appointment. If you need to rearrange or cancel, please contact us as soon as possible so we can offer your appointment to someone else.