NHG Wellbeing Foundation

Last updated - 2 December 2019

Apply Now!

The Wellbeing Foundation has now opened for new applications. The Wellbeing Foundation is the grant giving arm of NHG and helps sustain, empower and create great places for our residents. NHG colleagues are encouraged to put forward organisations that can help create local impact and benefit, to apply to the foundation, with over £266,230.03 having been distributed across 9 organisations during the last funding round in July 2019.

Successful bidders will have to demonstrate how their projects benefit NHG residents in London and south East England. We also encourage applications to demonstrate how their project can benefit the wider community.

Awards ceremony

The foundation considers applications which benefit residents in one or more of the following themes:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Employment, enterprise and training
  • Digital engagement
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social research
  • Volunteering

All applications have to be sponsored by a current NHG employee. To partner with a sponsor in NHG you must first have a completed draft for your project proposal and then share it with your known NHG contact. You must obtain their emailed consent to sponsor you before submitting your application. If you do not have a contact in NHG, please email gwf@nhg.org.uk before sending in your application. We cannot guarantee to find you a sponsor.

Organisations running projects in their communities can apply for a small grant of up to £5,000 or a larger one of up to £50,000.

The timeline for the application process is provided below:

Small Grants:

  • Now open for applications
  • Closing date for the Small Grants is on the 25th November 2019
  • Decisions on the Small Grants January 2020

Large Grants

  • Now open for applications
  • Closing date for the Large Grants is on the 10th January 2020
  • Decisions on the Large Grants April 2020

Further information

If you would like to find out more about this, please contact the Wellbeing Foundation on gwf@nhg.org.uk

Projects which do not show a clear link to any of the six themes are not suitable for funding.

2018-19 Awarded Organisations

1. 4Front & Youth Realities

The 4Front Project in partnership with Youth Realities will work with local partners, that include SoundSkool, Poetic Unity and Ruff Squad Urban Arts Foundation, to deliver specialist music provision as a new strand of activity under the 4TIFY programme to young people aged 13 – 25 on Grahame Park estate.  4TIFY is a youth led membership programme which aims to increase the safety and resilience of young people from the Grahame Park Estate. The programme allows members to learn new skills and access leadership opportunities. This particularly important given the vulnerability of this target group, who are prone to grooming and being offered an alternative lifestyle.


2. Active Within

  • Free weekly outdoor group exercise classes by professionals who live locally. The classes are suitable for all and are ranging from Bootcamp and Box Fit to Yoga and Gentle Walking.
  • Health Coach Service: six weeks of one to one support to residents on nutritional advice, diet changes and setting goals.
  • Pre-employment support and provision of employment opportunities through the recruitment of residents as health coaches.


3. Colindale Communities Trust

The project aims to train local NHG residents as community researchers and community research assistants to collect ongoing data on the needs of the local community which will influence the delivery of services with local key stakeholders and evidence needs.  This will support the stakeholders to deliver the outcomes of the Neighbourhood Change Strategy which is the shared strategy and outcomes framework that all delivery partners on Grahame Park have embedded as part of how they work and support local neighbourhood priorities. This will also ensure that NHG will have a trained resident consultation forum for the regeneration programme going forward.


4. Cubitt Community Studios

This project will deliver a series of workshops over a 12-month period by local artists, who will engage with residents in creative activities which will support improving their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  The artists will donate an in-kind equivalent of £6,000 in their own time to support this project. The project will also support artists and NHG staff to collaboratively develop creative activities in response to the needs and interests of NHG residents.


5. Hackney Play Bus

The project aims to deliver weekly Playbus sessions over a 12-month period on Woodberry Down estate in Hackney. The sessions will be aimed at supporting parents, particularly lone parents to improve their wellbeing, and future prospects for their children under five, by sharing health messages, signposting to relevant local services, and providing a safe space to chat with health professionals. The project will encompass a community outreach and volunteering programme to ensure that sessions are attended by those children who are from Notting Hill Genesis families and those who are most at risk of isolation and poor outcomes, as well as empowering residents to take early learning skills and health and wellbeing knowledge back into their own homes and communities.


6. London Art Therapy

Provision of art group therapy sessions for adults who may be struggling with hoarding issues.  Participants meet to explore and reflect on why they hoard and using the arts to express themselves and listen and support others in the group with similar problems. The group supports with reducing the experience of social isolation often experienced by those living with Hoarding Disorders.  The group sessions are facilitated by two experienced art therapists specialising in adult mental health and will also be supervised by a senior registered art therapy supervisor in line with best practice. Attendance will be closely monitored, and participants encouraged to attend all 36 sessions.


7. Made in Hackney

The Food Futures project will provide residents with practical cookery and nutrition knowledge, so that they eat healthy and affordable food that will improve their overall wellbeing, through training and volunteer opportunities.  The project will work in partnership with key stakeholders which include MHDT, Hackney Works and the local medical centres. The project will deliver a monthly 2.5 hour long weekend cookery club, 1 day accredited training courses in Food Hygiene and Emergency First Aid In The Workplace, 6 week cookery courses (once a week for 2.5 hours every week for 6 weeks) for parents, 1 day cake decorating course and 1 day foundation and 2 day Intermediate barista course.


8. Settle

The project’s aim is to reduce the number of evictions, NOSPs and rent arrears levels of vulnerable young people moving into NHG accommodation. The project aims to support 65 NHG young residents between the age of 18 – 25, through their programme which will provide tailored support to each individual. The focus is to enable residents to learn and practice the financial behaviours and life skills they need to manage their money and tenancy successfully including setting up bank accounts, payment of bills and managing existing debts.


9. Shapeshifters Productions Limited

The project will work with NHG residents aged 65 plus who are socially isolated due to physical or mental health issues, and encourage residents to become more integrated, lead healthier and active lives and becoming more confident through participation in the programme.  NHG staff will work with shapeshifters to identify 10 NHG schemes and promote and encourage residents to attend the sessions. The sessions will be led by 3 professional musicians, who will deliver 2 hourly sessions for 30 weeks. The sessions will identify the residents favourite songs to sing; allow them to share stories over tea and biscuits and socialise. Shapeshifters will also work with local schools and colleges to recruit volunteers to become befriending volunteers for NHG residents. In addition, they will enable sessions to continue post project with the production of materials to support staff and residents which includes large-print songbooks and CDs.