My temporary housing home

Last updated - 28 February 2019

We understand that becoming homeless can be a stressful experience and will do all we can to provide our temporary housing residents with a clean and well-maintained home.


Where furniture has been provided, it belongs to the owner of the property. You must not remove it or damage it. Before you move in, we make a list of the furniture in the property, so we know what is there and what condition it was in. When your housing officer visits you they will check the condition of the furniture against this list. If there is any damage they will ask you to repair, it before their next visit.
Under your tenancy agreement you must not destroy or remove any furniture. We may take you to court if you don’t repair or replace any furniture we have asked you to.


Washing machines

You have to get our permission in writing, before fitting a washing machine in the property. Contact your housing officer if you want to fit a washing machine in the property.

After getting our permission in writing you must get a qualified plumber to fit the washing machine. Some homes can’t have washing machines because there is not enough space or the correct plumbing. If your washing machine has not been fitted properly we will ask you to pay for any damage caused.

Shared areas

You must keep any areas you share with other residents clear of anything that may block people’s way or cause a fire. This includes prams, pushchairs and bicycles. You are also responsible for keeping the shared areas clean.


If you have a garden or share one, please keep it tidy. Overgrown gardens attract vermin (such as rats and mice), which may get into your home.


temporary housing home

Satellite dishes and cable TV

You are not allowed to put up a satellite dish on the outside of your home. This is because we do not own the property. You can install cable TV at the property as long as you ask a professional to carry out the work. The cable and sockets must not cause any damage to the building or to fixtures and fittings.

Pest control

It is generally your responsibility to deal with pests such as rats or mice. For more information please see dealing with pests page. 

Home contents insurance

We do not automatically provide contents insurance. You should arrange insurance cover for your furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes. You can either do so yourself or take up a policy available only to Genesis Housing Association residents. Our insurance is provided by National Housing Federation My Home contents insurance.
To find out more please see contents insurance section.


We don’t allow pets in our temporary homes.

Paying your bills while in temporary housing

You are responsible for paying all the bills relating to the property (including for gas, electricity, water, council tax, telephone and so on). Your housing officer will show you how to work any gas and electrical appliances. If you have problems getting them to work, please phone us.

You will need to contact your gas and electricity supplier as soon as you move in. Give them the meter readings and tell them that you are the new tenant.

If you have a card or key meter, you will only have a few days before the supply is cut off. You must ask the gas or electricity supplier (or both) for a new card or key as soon as you move in. You should also register with your local water company and tell them that you now live in the property.

As you have to pay council tax for your home you need to contact your local council and tell them when your tenancy begins.