Customers’ views on the merger

Published - 5 December 2017

As part of our consultation with residents regarding our upcoming merger, we hosted along with Notting Hill Housing several Q&A sessions.
Over 120 residents attended the sessions. The events were an opportunity for customers to find out more about the proposed merger and ask any questions they had about what the proposed merger could mean for them.
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Unfortunately not everyone who attended these events had the chance to ask a question. If it wasn’t possible for a question to be asked on the day, customers could also post their views and questions into a post box.

The events were also a chance for residents to meet some of the staff who would be leading the new merged organisation, and to speak with Genesis staff individually to resolve any personal issues. 

Many customers had questions about potential changes to their rents, service charges and tenancies. Most importantly, customers were concerned about the standard of service after the two organisations merged. Many customers feared that the service would get worse, particularly around repairs and cyclical works, while many hoped that the new organisation will bring the best practices from both Genesis and NHH and inspire new ways of working where improvements are needed.

At the time of writing (November 2017), most customers have no concerns about the merger as long as the service they receive from the new organisation remains the same. Some customers are concerned about the level of service they will receive but understand and support the reasons for the change.

There has been some uncertainty regarding rents and the security of homes and tenancies. This is mostly due to a small but vocal group of protesters that are unhappy about the decision made for the two organisations to merge. Any customers who have concerns or questions about the merger should contact us via or by calling 020 8549 2109 to speak to the Customer Involvement Team. 

While the formal consultation period ends on 8th December 2017, we are always happy to answer any questions and provide information. 

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Suzanne Godfrey
Communities Communications Advisor, Genesis Housing