Demolition plans at Grahame Park brought forward

Published - 8 May 2019

One of our major regeneration projects will see the next phase of development brought forward thanks to a new planning application.
Grahame Park in Colindale will see new homes built quicker after residents requested and the council agreed that demolition of existing units could happen before planning permission was granted.
Image of Grahame Park

We're now taking steps to demolish the blocks of flats named Nisbet, Noel, Nimrod, Nicholson and Nighthawk which have an aviation link to the former aerodrome which Grahame Park is built on.

The demolition will allow for an early start to build new homes in 2020, and allow the rest of the estate to come forward for regeneration. 

We're also preparing a tender for a demolition contractor that will hopefully allow demolition to commence in September. 

More information will be issued once we have appointed a contractor and what their detailed programme will be.

Suzanne Godfrey
Communities Communications Advisor, Genesis Housing