Meet three more members of our Executive Team (Designate)

Published - 5 December 2017

In the last Spotlight, we introduced you to our new Chief Executive (Designate) Kate Davies and our Deputy Chief Executive (Designate) Elizabeth Froude.
We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to three more members of our Executive Team (Designate).
Photo of Chief Operating Officer (Designate) Andy Belton

Andy Belton, Chief Operating Officer (Designate)

Before joining Notting Hill, Andy had a 20-year career with Unisys, a large American technology
company. He joined Notting Hill in 2002 to help to turn around the Temporary Housing business which was struggling at that time. Following the successful turnaround, Andy became the
permanent director of Temporary Housing and then in 2006, he was appointed to the Executive Board as Director of Commercial Services – with responsibility for temporary housing, sales,leasehold management, market rent, commercial properties, student accommodation and asset management. In 2009, Andy took on the expanded role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and with additional responsibility for running Notting Hill’s general needs business. In 2017, still in his role as COO (and Deputy CEO), Andy moved from his operational brief to run a new ‘automation and
efficiency’ project called WorkWise. 

‘Residents of Notting Hill Genesis will have the option to interact with us at their convenience (24/7), on any device (PC, tablet, smart phone), and access all the information they need in one place, giving you freedom to choose when you want our services and how you want to access them. I think this will underpin significant improvements in our services and the experience of our residents.

‘Through our WorkWise programme we will deliver easy-to-use, one-stop-shop, web-portals for both staff and customers to process 80% of housing management transactions (repairs, payments, voids, visits, inspections, arrears management, service charge management and case management).’

Photo of Group Director of Housing (Designate), Carl Byrne

Carl Byrne, Group Director of Housing (Designate)

Carl has been with Genesis since 2013, leading on customer experience and housing operations and delivering sustained improvements in performance over that time. “I’ve learned a lot from the last three years at Genesis about the importance of getting the basics right while at the same time having an eye to the opportunities to really improve services for residents. We’ve got a lot of work to do. While some residents love being a customer of Genesis or Notting Hill, there are a sizable number that don’t. I’m looking forward to working with staff and residents to fix the things that will make us a more consistent provider of services to the people that rent and own a home with Notting Hill Genesis.

“The next five years is going to see the pace of change around technology and automation really increase and I’m looking forward to being able to bring the best of those developments to Notting Hill Genesis for more choice, convenience for our residents when it comes to accessing services.

Photo of Group Director of Regeneration & Strategic Asset Management (Designate), Jeremy Stibbe

Jeremy Stibbe, Group Director of Regeneration & Strategic Asset Management (Designate)

Jeremy Stibbe was appointed as Genesis Executive Director Assets & Investment in the autumn of 2016. 

Previously Genesis Regeneration Director, Jeremy has responsibility to deliver on 5,000 new homes over the course of the Corporate Strategy lifecycle.

Jeremy is a highly experienced senior housing and regeneration leader. He has held positions at other G15 housing associations, including L&Q and Network.

Before joining Genesis, Jeremy was Executive Director, Development at Peabody – a position through which he kick-started the Thamesmead regeneration scheme and established their award winning sales brand.

If you have any questions regarding any of these appointments, please feel free to contact us on 033 3000 3000 or at: 

Suzanne Godfrey
Communities Communications Advisor, Genesis Housing