Guaranteed Rent

Last updated - 7 November 2017

If you’re a landlord, we’d like to hear from you

We are committed to delivering what we promise but take a look at some of the other things we can offer you:

  • Guaranteed rent paid directly to you each month
  • No management fees or commission
  • Genesis deals with all aspects of tenancy management
  • Guaranteed vacant possession with all legal costs for evicting tenants covered by Genesis
  • Regular property inspections
  • Compensation for any damage to property
  • Genesis cover council tax and all utility bills
  • Offer of three and five year leases

There can be many hidden costs when you rent a property.  Renting with Genesis removes these costs, meaning you can relax and keep your hands firmly in your pocket.

Service Estate Agent Genesis
Agent Commission fee 10-15% No fee
Agent inspection fee £100 + VAT Covered by Genesis
Court cost/legal fees Rechargeable Covered by Genesis
Rent recovery arrears Rent not guaranteed Rent guaranteed

Why work with us

Genesis has over 30,000 properties under management across London and the east of England. We have been managing homes on behalf of private landlords for over 25 years.

The private sector plays a significant part in helping to reduce homelessness and will be increasingly important in the future. Genesis works in partnership with private sector landlords to achieve the best possible outcome for both tenants and landlords.

We're interested in all different types of homes, particularly in London and the south east. So if you're after a guaranteed monthly rental income but without the hassle of finding and managing tenants, send us your details using the form and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a free inspection